While we try to teach our children about life….

This month’s quote challenge at Polka Dot Plum (that’s a challenge to make a layout using a particular quote) really got me thinking.
I wrote a brief note to my boys; I’m sure some day they’ll go “oh yeah, this is what my mom meant!”

Funny thing about parents… we don’t take you to museums, parks and other “extra curricular” activities just to keep you occupied (although it’s definitely a part of it!).  I’m sure some do it out of wanting to enrich their children’s education, or feel obliged to offer them opportunities to explore and offer a variety of new situations.
I know that I do it for a little bit of each of those reasons.
My real reason is it keeps ME young.
When I get the chance to interact with you on your level, it makes me marvel all over again about science, art, nature and appreciate more the wonders  of how you are  growing up and taking in this big world.  It keeps me young when I get to laugh with you over the funny things and act silly with you whenever the opportunity presents itself.  It goes to prove that…
While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what Life is All About. -unknown

The guys are in front of a painted aquarium wall pretending to be under water.  I don’t suggest these things, by the way.  They are so used to me pointing the camera, they yell – “Mom, take this shot” or “Mom, look, I’m being eaten by this giant (insert name of whatever mural or billboard we are near).”  I love their spontaneity.  That, too, keeps me young!

I created the paper by extracting some of the mural and blending them over a blue background.

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