Sniffled – One More Thing Off My To Do List

I returned from my vacation to an overflowing inbox of “real” emails, advertisements, spam… you name it.  As daunting as the loads of laundry, I set in determined to reduce the number of mails in my inbox.  After trolling through, deleting, etc., I clicked on “oldest” and found a note to myself from 2007.  I had jotted a quick email for a funny thing my youngest said.  This, of course, being the focused person I am, drove me to look through (digitally) pics from 2007 so that I could scrapbook the “moment” and, thus, be able to delete one more email.  I found one from the right time period and scrapped a page.  It was fun.  No, the laundry is not done.  No, the email inbox is still stuffed (thank goodness Gmail offers lots of space; says I’m only 28% full!).  BUT, I was able to delete the note and mark something off from my to do list from very long ago!   Consider the day a success! 🙂

Kit Credits – Polka Dot Plum’s Rocky Top Sweetheart.