Oh, Adobe.. whatcha doin’ to me…

Adobe is killing Creative Suite; here’s why

As a long time user of Adobe programs – heck, I still use Elements 5 when I’m just doing a quickie adjustment! – I want to support them in their desire to improve their products and bottom line.  It’s their right, after all, as a business to adjust their model.  It does mean I may forever stay with CS5, however!

Some people are REALLY mad about it.  Online Petition Against Adobe’s Creative Cloud Approaches 9,000   Some just have walked away from Adobe.

I admit, that I’m looking at other programs.  A one time purchase feels easier than a monthly, ongoing subscription.

In the mean time, I’ll hold on a little more tightly to my “cereal boxes” of software and watch, wait and see if this “revolutionizes” the industry.
Now Get Scrappin’!  – either in the cloud or with your tried and true Elements 5!