Choosy moms choose… Gifs. Or at least the funky moms do!

Fun with animated gifs…  I was going through my photo stash (digitally, of course).  I have a “sport/speed” setting on my Canon.  It takes rapid photos, one right after the other.  I make pages with a handful of them, but the real fun is making animated gifs.  

Open all the photos in the series and place them in the workspace.  “Stack” the phones in sequence into one file so that each photo is a separate layer.  When you go to save (in PSE or CSPS), Save for Web – and check that little box that creates so much fun – “animate.”  You have some timing options to choose – 1, 2, 5 seconds, etc.  Most are great at 2 seconds, but my samples are at 5.  Depending on the subject, they look a little too frenetic at 2 seconds!

They’re just fun and take the memory that can be captured on a page –

and makes some fun for your desktop.  You can always keep it on a thumb drive or CD and add to your keepsake box, too.
Here’s another from the playground.
Have some fun and Get Scrappin’!