I have always been frustrated with the initial visual impression upon entering my home.  I don’t have a grand entryway or a cute alcove to display fun things.  I have… a staircase.  And when I greet you at the door, although my dog is friendly, all you see is… a staircase.  

After more than a year of debating quotes, silhouettes, painting chevrons or stripes, I got inspired by a Google search of “painted stairs,” and decided simple was the way to go;  just adding some color would do the trick.  Part of my delay was indecision on what to do; but the other part was wondering if I should do it.  End the end, though, it’s my house and the whole thing is going to have to be painted anyway at the dreaded time of “resale.”  It is, after all, only paint!

I was at Lowe’s to buy concrete for stepping stones (a future post, I’m sure!) and happened through the paint center.  They had all these clearance pots of sample colors.  I didn’t set out to buy paint for the stairs.  But here were the perfect colors!  I started smiling just thinking about the “new” stairs.  I tried to reason with myself that I had too much planned for the day to derail that and paint my stairs.   I lost the argument!  

Got home, taped the stairs, had the boys help decide the color order of the stairs, and dove right in.  

Cash Investment = $12 (including the brush)

Time = 1 hour

Joy it brings me = Priceless!

What project have you been debating?  Be brave and get to it!