48 week savings plan – updated for 2015

I posted way, way back about a savings plan I saw on Facebook.  It worked out really well for me year before last, but I didn’t stick to it this past year.  I really missed having that “holiday savings” envelope to use for gifts, so I’m back to this for 2015.

  This is my 48 week savings plan!  Because the reality is, you’re going to want to spend that money FOR Christmas!  It’s based on the plan – whatever number week it is of the year, deposit that much money into an account (or jar or mattress!).  ie week 1, deposit $1, week 2, deposit $2, and so on.  

I like the concept, but the reality is money seems to get tighter for me as the year goes on.  And I like the idea of smaller “payments” as the year continues instead of larger ones.


Here’s my updated plan with deposit dates for 2015. 


It’s only $10 short of the other plan, and I can spend it at Black Friday!

Now Get Scrappin! er I mean Savin’!