Getting Brave – Toe dipped, Now to jump in (Fire #5)

Getting Brave – Toe dipped, Now to jump in (Fire #5)

Successful tests lead me to my first “real” project load.   Wind chime (layered, stringers, frit, and scrap), returning the previously tack-fused piece to full fire, and testing “stained glass” to full fuse.  Auto, Med, Full Fuse.

The results for the wind chime – awesome!  It’s beautiful and it going to look great.

The refired tack-fuse piece looks much better.  Next step is to slump it.

The stained glass, though, that is a fail.  It’s chalky, brittle, and just not pretty.

Started the load at 5:30 pm.  Wanted to see if it would be cool enough by morning.  It wasn’t.   I’m determined to find the right time to start to be able to open next morning!

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