Green Ham and Eggs (Fire #8)

I have been wanting to try these stacked squares.  Things I learned…  Your squares being square matters. 🙂  I will need to improve my cutting skills for consistency in the sizing of my squares.   Color matters.  There wasn’t enough contrast with the pink and the white.  It looks better in person.   I need to allow […]

Slumping – take 2 (Fire #7)

Slumping (such a silly word) can be done in a day.  I fired up the kiln at 8:45 am (Auto, Med, Slump) and it was cool by 8pm. This load is my first test to slump stringers on the wave form.  I could have put more, but wasn’t sure.  Next time, I will spend a […]

Adding Hangers (Fire #6)

If I’m going to be making wind chimes, there’s got to be a better way to do hangers.  Drilling holes kinda worked.  I need better diamond bits, more practice, and more patience.  Adding bales works, but that is going to get expensive for chimes.   For this load, trying out wire.  Silver and copper, high temp […]

Getting Brave – Toe dipped, Now to jump in (Fire #5)

Successful tests lead me to my first “real” project load.   Wind chime (layered, stringers, frit, and scrap), returning the previously tack-fused piece to full fire, and testing “stained glass” to full fuse.  Auto, Med, Full Fuse. The results for the wind chime – awesome!  It’s beautiful and it going to look great. The refired tack-fuse […]

Freshman Fuser – Test 2, here I go! (Fire #2)

Since the tack fused worked flawlessly, time to try a full fuse. Practiced cutting circles – one “manually” and one with a circle cutter. Yea, you can tell which one is which! But will it matter once it’s fused? Firing a single layer of glass (I think this will pull in) and a double layer […]

“Skutt”-Work Has a Whole New Meaning!

The Skutt Firebox 14 has arrived! I’ve read the instruction book from cover to cover and am envisioning all the possibilities…. I purchased this model because it was the largest in my price range that runs on 110v. I wouldn’t need to make any wiring changes in my work space. The packaging for this thing […]

It started with a class…

I am fortunate that I live in the same city as Hollander’s Fusing Center. I registered for a class with the amazing, talented Cyndi Seeberger. I already knew I wanted to get back into working with glass. I had done stained glass (copper foil and lead) before and set it aside as the reality of […]