Embracing Fabulous Flamboyance!

Embracing Fabulous Flamboyance!

I’ve avoided the dreaded “pink aisle” forever.  As a life-long tomboy, the “pink aisle” (otherwise known as the Barbie and Dress up aisle at soon to be defunct Toys R Us) gave me the heebie-jeebies.  I refused to wear pink and avoided graphics with pink as much as possible.  But it’s time to embrace pink!  And what better way to jump in than to pay hommage to the pinkest of the pinks…. Flamingos!   Or, as I call them – “Flaming  Ohs.”

I’ve always like flamingos.  But now, with the removal of self-imposed pink-isolation, I can embrace them!  Did you know a group flamingos is called a Flamboyance?  Isn’t that Fabulous!?!

Altered CD’s – weekend project fun

Sometimes you just have to dig through your scraps and USE them!  I grabbed a couple of cd’s, applied various scraps – papers, buttons, embellishments I meant to use (but never did) and some leftovers from old sticker sheets, and, voila, altered  cd’s – one vintage and one modern.

They were super fun, pretty quick and easy, and I will be doing more of these from my pile of scraps!  It’s such a small canvas, even the small scraps go a long way.

So dust off that old cd that you’re not sure really works and decorate it with your favorite photo or quote.

Now get craftin’!


Happy Dean Girl!

There are new Supernatural themed photo lockets in the store.  I love the “Dean” locket!  These are photo lockets, so you can put in your own photo op or favorite photo.  They are fully customizable!  Check them out in the shop HERE.


dean_66hm dean_dsmNow Get FanGirln’! 🙂



48 week savings plan – updated for 2015

I posted way, way back about a savings plan I saw on Facebook.  It worked out really well for me year before last, but I didn’t stick to it this past year.  I really missed having that “holiday savings” envelope to use for gifts, so I’m back to this for 2015.

  This is my 48 week savings plan!  Because the reality is, you’re going to want to spend that money FOR Christmas!  It’s based on the plan – whatever number week it is of the year, deposit that much money into an account (or jar or mattress!).  ie week 1, deposit $1, week 2, deposit $2, and so on.  

I like the concept, but the reality is money seems to get tighter for me as the year goes on.  And I like the idea of smaller “payments” as the year continues instead of larger ones.


Here’s my updated plan with deposit dates for 2015. 


It’s only $10 short of the other plan, and I can spend it at Black Friday!

Now Get Scrappin! er I mean Savin’!

I have always been frustrated with the initial visual impression upon entering my home.  I don’t have a grand entryway or a cute alcove to display fun things.  I have… a staircase.  And when I greet you at the door, although my dog is friendly, all you see is… a staircase.  

After more than a year of debating quotes, silhouettes, painting chevrons or stripes, I got inspired by a Google search of “painted stairs,” and decided simple was the way to go;  just adding some color would do the trick.  Part of my delay was indecision on what to do; but the other part was wondering if I should do it.  End the end, though, it’s my house and the whole thing is going to have to be painted anyway at the dreaded time of “resale.”  It is, after all, only paint!

I was at Lowe’s to buy concrete for stepping stones (a future post, I’m sure!) and happened through the paint center.  They had all these clearance pots of sample colors.  I didn’t set out to buy paint for the stairs.  But here were the perfect colors!  I started smiling just thinking about the “new” stairs.  I tried to reason with myself that I had too much planned for the day to derail that and paint my stairs.   I lost the argument!  

Got home, taped the stairs, had the boys help decide the color order of the stairs, and dove right in.  

Cash Investment = $12 (including the brush)

Time = 1 hour

Joy it brings me = Priceless!

What project have you been debating?  Be brave and get to it!


Choosy moms choose… Gifs. Or at least the funky moms do!

Fun with animated gifs…  I was going through my photo stash (digitally, of course).  I have a “sport/speed” setting on my Canon.  It takes rapid photos, one right after the other.  I make pages with a handful of them, but the real fun is making animated gifs.  

Open all the photos in the series and place them in the workspace.  “Stack” the phones in sequence into one file so that each photo is a separate layer.  When you go to save (in PSE or CSPS), Save for Web – and check that little box that creates so much fun – “animate.”  You have some timing options to choose – 1, 2, 5 seconds, etc.  Most are great at 2 seconds, but my samples are at 5.  Depending on the subject, they look a little too frenetic at 2 seconds!

They’re just fun and take the memory that can be captured on a page –

and makes some fun for your desktop.  You can always keep it on a thumb drive or CD and add to your keepsake box, too.
Here’s another from the playground.
Have some fun and Get Scrappin’!

End of Civilized-nation as we know it…

The End of Civility… I’ve seen it… Gene Roddenberry knew it in the 60’s… we should have realized it, too.  
The end of our civilized civilization brought about by the need to communicate…not with each other, but with computers.

When you needed info on the Enterprise, they didn’t say “Computer, please tell me about so and so.”  They said succinctly “Computer” and she, in Majel Barrett Roddenberry’s voice, said “working.”

It’s in my hands right now; the portent of the end.  I need something from my ipad.  I say, “Siri, please show me so and so.”  The “please” confuses her and she doesn’t understand.  
So I simplify my request to exclude the polite phrases I have had beaten into me since childhood.  I decline to say thank you since it doesn’t compute.
GR was such a visionary… if only we had realized what he knew.  We could have programmed computers differently.  To make them require hearing please and thank you from us before providing us with directions to wherever or the recipe for a delightfully quenching drink.  To have it respond “unable to compute” when it doesn’t hear the basics of society’s politeness.
Instead, we have been reduced to quick texts, have 
lost our art of conversation and are watching civilized 
civilization disappear.  Even I, who am a stickler for please and thank you, have reduced them to “pls thx” at the closing of texts and occasionally emails.  I won’t be doing that anymore.  I will take the time to spell it out!  To take the TIME to hold on desperately to the remnants of the civilized-nation I remember.
Anything else… well… I’ll be unable to compute…