If I’m going to be making wind chimes, there’s got to be a better way to do hangers.  Drilling holes kinda worked.  I need better diamond bits, more practice, and more patience.  Adding bales works, but that is going to get expensive for chimes.   For this load, trying out wire.  Silver and copper, high temp wire.  Still on pre-programmed schedules.  Auto, Medium, Full Fuse.

FreshmenFuser fails!  I know that single layer glass pulls in.  I mistakenly thought that frit and powders would “count” in the layers.

Powders – need to put a LOT more on.  The colors look okay here with the white backing, but when you hold them up to the light, they are washed out.

The silver wire all looks fine, but the copper wire has black ash all over it.  After some research, I learned that can be brushed off with a wire brush and the copper is revealed.

Overall, the wind chime pieces will work fine, but the second attempt at the police box (this time with 2 layers; remember, Fire#2 was a fail) still didn’t quite work out.

I wish the wave piece had been more successful, but it doesn’t have enough color.  Transparent glass and transparent powders equal no depth of color.


I do think I have my timing right for running.  Started at 2pm and it was cooled down enough to open the next morning!