I have been wanting to try these stacked squares.  Things I learned…  Your squares being square matters. 🙂  I will need to improve my cutting skills for consistency in the sizing of my squares.   Color matters.  There wasn’t enough contrast with the pink and the white.  It looks better in person.   I need to allow more space for the “growth” the stacks create.  The finished pieces are thick and heavy.  The green one makes me hungry… keep thinking of green ham and eggs!

The birds were a whim.  Failed circle cutting, so I decided to try.  Nothing goes to waste, right?   Tried one with a piece of fiber paper for a hole (to insert wire post firing) and the other with wire in it.   The beak fusing was a pleasant surprise.  It’s nice to know that the items just have to touch and what hangs over doesn’t just hang down.  Both turned out great.  Will definitely make more of these in the future.

Firing schedule was Auto, Slow, Full fuse.  I decided slow would be best with the glass being 4 high.